Saturday, June 13, 2009

6 Secrets of Change

From Michael Fullan's 6 Secrets of Change. This is easily transferable to your team:

1. Love your employees - Show your team how much you actually care for them!

2. Connect peers with purpose - Constant communication with your staff and players. Make sure they are all working towards a common goal!

3. Capacity building prevails - Capacity building has to do with constant learning. I always try to have my players read something that will stimulate their mental/psychological being. Staff members need to keep learning new and improved techniques.

4. Learning is the work - On the job learning in context is the best way to learn. Clinics and seminars can provide some new information, but applying it is the only way you'll know if it works or not.

5. Transparency rules - Be accessible. Stay in touch with your players. Constant communication of goals and review of statistical proof will provide a trusting environment.

6. Systems learn - Delegating duties to staff members and players gives them ownership of the program. Multiple leaders insure consistency throughout the program over time.

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