Saturday, August 8, 2009

Clemson Notes

Reviewing some notes from clinics I've attended. The search dug up some great thoughts from Larry Shyatt when he was at Clemson.

- During a timeout, if you have nothing to say, write something on the whiteboard and walk away from the huddle.

- Philosophy is to demand like crazy on defense, but never put unnecessary pressure on the offense.

- Believe and strive for 80% freethrow shooting as a team.

- It is not about winning. The most important term players must understand is IMPROVE!

- When talking to players, communicate:
"Nothing good can come from cutting class."
"You just don't care when you made that decision. Now your messing with the system."
"The sand is coming out of your glass."
"To be successful I'll have to make you do things you don't want to do; ask things of you that you don't want asked."
"Pull your own wagon."

- Work on weaknesses for 15 minutes after practice.

- End practice a couple times a week by getting everyone to 1/2 court, half the team facing the other half, and hug the guy in front of you.

- How we lose bothers me more than that we lose. Ask yourself "How did we lose?"

- Concept of Sunday night activity, especially in the pre-season and off-season - It ends your week and begins the next one.

- Time Management Notebook
1st week of school, 5 days to get it put together. Majority of it put together in meetings. Organize players' semester.
Help players read their syllabi!
There is no homework in college, more assignments in clusters.
Share your Time Management Notebook with your professors. This helps the player and helps the program.

- "No team or group on campus will adhere to our standards."

- Control what we really can:
Our Commitment
Work Ethic

- Pick-up game rule: If all are there, they can play. If not all there, can't play.

- All drills play through either a score or a rebound.

- Blocking out allows you to start your offense further down the floor.

- Any pressure or control you put on your team, do it in effort areas not skill: image, work ethic, etc...

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