Monday, September 7, 2009

10-Point Ethics Checklist

A very timely discovery from my Ethics instructor. This is originally from Michael Fortin's blog in which he shares one of his student's, Darrin Clement, 10-Point Ethics Checklist. Since we have seen over this summer some poor choices by coaches, I felt this was something important to share with you.

The 10-Point Ethics Checklist
1. The Golden Rule - Would I want people to do this to me?

2. The Fairness Test - Who might be affected and how? Is this fair to everyone?

3. The 'What if Everybody Did This?' Test - Would I want everyone to do this? Would I want to live in that kind of world?

4. The Truth Test - Does this action represent the whole truth and nothing bu the truth?

5. The Parents Test - How would my parents feel if they found out about this? What advice would they give me?

6. The Children Test - Would I be willing to explain everything about this to my kids and expect them to act in the same way?

7. The Religion Test - Does this go against my religion?

8. The Conscience Test - Does this go against my conscience? Will I feel guilty?

9. The Consequences Test - Are there possible consequences of this action that would be bad? Would I regret doing this?

10. The Front Page Test - How would I feel if my action were reported on the front page of my hometown newspaper?

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