Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Could Beat Mike Tyson In His Prime!

I think we can all agree that Mike Tyson, in his prime, was one of the most dominant boxers of all time. I have never been in the boxing ring, am far from being in fighting shape, and still could beat the late-eighties Tyson in the ring. This story doesn't hinge on Tyson himself. Change the name to Muhammad Ali or George Foreman or any other boxer and it would be the same.

The rules of the fight are this:
- Tyson cannot use his fists. He can only strike with open hands boxing style.

- I can use my fists.

Tyson would be tremendously stronger than I am but he isn't going to have the same power behind his punches. He would get his shots in on me, but they wouldn't have the same explosive results as his fists would have. His shots might hurt, but they would be very easy to recover from. Granted, he could knock me down with a roundhouse or a hook, but it would be highly unlikely that I would get knocked out. Tyson might jam, sprain, or break some fingers in the process.

In the other corner (to use boxing terminology), I would be packing a considerable more dangerous punch. I would be balling my fists and delivering powerful blows... at least as powerful as I can. The damage I would be able to induce would be dramatically different than Tyson. The likelihood that I could beat Tyson is heavily weighted to my advantage.

Consider our respective hands as representations of your basketball team. If they play as individuals, separate, and as individuals there just isn't as much power behind their play. They may get their shots in and make runs, but in the long run there are tremendous odds that they will break and get beat.

If they come together, tight, and with a common goal they will deliver strong blows to their opponent. They will be a fore to be reckoned with; a dangerous combination of efficiency and power. Working together, they will have the ability to knock down their opponent and keep them down.

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