Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shooting/Conditioning Drill

This is a partner shooting drill. You can use it with just two at a basket, or multiple sets of partners on the same basket. I like drills that have balls flying all over the place and other players moving within the drill. It simulates game-like action in that concentration must be high and players must "read" the conditions around them. 3 sets of partners at one basket is a good thing to me.

A. One player begins with the ball (Player 1), while his partner (Player 2) starts at midcourt.

B. Player 2 sprints to an operational area; an area on the court that he is going to get shots in a game.

C. Player 1 passes to Player 2 for a shot.

D. As soon as he passes, Player 1 sprints to touch either one of the sidelines or midcourt, then sprints to an operational area. **Players are not allowed to touch the same line twice in a row.

E. Player 2 gets his own rebound and becomes the passer.

F. Player 2 passes to Player 1 for a shot.

G. Player 1 rebounds his own shot.

H. Player 2 sprints to one of the sidelines (since he started at midcourt, he cannot go back twice in a row).

I. Go back to "B" and repeat.

To make it competitive, we see who can make the most shots in a minute. We remind the players that in order to make more shots, you've got to play percentages and get more shots off than the other groups. In order to get more shots off, you've got to sprint faster.

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