Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's been a loooong while!

It has been a while since I posted something on here. I think the little angel on the left is well worth taking some time off from writing posts. I can't believe that it has been 3 months since her birth! As you can tell from the picture, she is ready to get going on the court (and we are already working on her left hand). I sent this picture to Coach Eastman saying she was ready for her pro-time workout to which he responded he was already putting Ganon Baker on notice.

The little monkey (that's what I call her because she was so long and wiry at birth she looked like a spider monkey) will more than likely participate in athletics. Her dad is a college coach. Her mom is a former college player, former college coach, and current middle school coach. Her grandparents were coaches. I hope that she will explore other things as well, but she will grow up in the gym and more than likely participate in a sport of some kind.

The crazy thing is that right after her birth, I started working on my certification to present the Second-Goal Parent workshop for the Positive Coaching Alliance. We speak to coaches about being Double-Goal Coaches with the first goal striving to win on the scoreboard and the second goal to teach valuable life-lessons and build character. This particular workshop educates parents on how to support their child and emphasize the second goal of life-lessons and character development while shifting their focus off the first goal of the scoreboard. It is a powerful workshop! As I went through the process of getting certified, it was a fantastic way to prepare myself for the day when my little girl takes to the court, field, pool, track, or whatever. I certainly don't wish to be "that parent" in the stands.

So to those of you who check this site regularly, I am very sorry for not having posted in quite some time. Those of you with children, I think you can sympathize with the stress of a pregnant wife during the season, a first child born right in the middle of conference season, and trying to adjust to a new wonderful life with the most amazing thing to happen to you in your life. I am resolved to carve time into my schedule to update more often... not to mention, get back on my workouts too. Can't we add a few hours to the day?!

Keep checking back for future updates. As always, please feel free to leave comments and even contact me for future post topics. I am always looking for ways to learn, improve, and get better but I also want to make this useful and pertinent to those who read. Best "swishes" to all of you!

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