Monday, May 25, 2009

Loyalty, Accountability, and Work Ethic

I mentioned previously about three keys to my philosophy. Three is a very powerful number, which we'll explore in a future post. The three elements I am referring to are the cornerstones to my philosophical triangle: Loyalty, Accountability, and Work Ethic.

- We must understand that relationships are #1!
*The object of coaching is people
*Players will remember the bonds they create with each other more than any wins and losses.

- Cultivate a family atmosphere
*An "Us against the world" attitude
*Individuals must know that they are not alone in any endeavor

- We must know how to handle success and failure
*Know the differences between success and excellence
*Celebrate successes as a team
*Create a safe environment where failure to try is the only failure

- Players must understand when they are competing with others or themselves

- Demonstrate the difference between desire and commitment

- Demonstrate poise and self-control

- Reflect responsibility and character

-Responsibly manage time

- Understand that perception is reality

- Learn and practice leadership
*Know the difference between serving and controlling
*Everyone has the opportunity to lead in some capacity

- Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together (Dean Smith)

- Set and meet goals
*Dream big - step by step
*Directive Affirmation - Individual statement of growth and improvement

Stay focused
*Composure and emotional control
*Assist to turnover ratio
*Personal fouls ratio

- Become "coachable"
*Develop a teaching strategy that will engage various learning styles
*Players need to develop an attitude that allows one to be coached and/or taught
*Listen to what is said; don't just hear (Bob Knight)
*See what is being taught; don't just look (Bob Knight)
*Understand the concepts; don't just know (Grant Wiggins)

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