Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Transition Offense


I don't call it a "fast break" because I want my players thinking "SPRINT", not just run.

The goal is to get a lay-up so I always want the point guard to pass ahead. I want a pass break not a dribble break. Because I want to pass ahead, it is critical to our success that the wings sprint the floor and fill lanes!

On missed baskets, after the initial break, I want to run more structured set stuff and capitalize on the defense not being set. This is not to say we back it out and run time off the clock. What I am referring to is a set pattern that my players know and can easily execute during the confusion of the opponents transition to defense.

On made baskets, when the defense is allowed to get sets, I want to run more random movement, motion style where the defense cannot predict our offense.

No matter what we run (either made of missed basket), once we get through our initial cuts I want the next pass or two to be very quick. Quick ball reversal to an attack on the other side of the floor is very difficult to defend.

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