Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thoughts from "On Becoming a Leader" from Warren Bennis

Ingredients of a leader:
- VISION = Clear idea of what on wants to do.
- PASSION = Loves what he/she does and loves doing it.
- INTEGRITY = Self-knowledge, candor (honesty) and maturity; within integrity comes trust.
- CURIOSITY & DARING = Wonder about everything and take risks.

There is a difference between leaders and managers. Managerial skills are taught, while leadership skills are learned.

Descriptive words of a leader: Inductive, dynamic, understanding, ideas, broad, deep, experiential, active, questioning, process, strategy, alternatives, exploration, discovery, active, initiative, whole brain, long-term, change, flexible, risk, synthesis, open, imagination.

Descriptive words of a manager: Deductive, static, memorizing, facts, narrow, surface, rote, passive, answer, tactics, goal, prediction, dogma, reactive, direction, left-brain, job, short-term, stability, rigid,rules, closed, common sense.

Young leaders are told to:

  1. Take advantage of every opportunity
  2. Aggressively search for meaning
  3. know yourself

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