Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ganon Baker - Notes from Frisco TX

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of observing Ganon Baker at work. Ganon is the most intense and energetic person I have ever been around. The Energizer Bunny has nothing on this guy! If you haven't seen him, either in one of his best-selling videos or in person, it is well worth it to say the least.

A good majority of Ganon's workout with the players was ball handling skills. Some of the things Ganon had these kids doing (most of them just attempting) were really innovative. The most impressive were the skills he was teaching with the use of tennis balls. The first was pounding the basketball, drop the tennis ball, and then punch through and catch the tennis ball. He showed the attending players how that is just like shooting your shoulders by a defender. The other impressive drill was players stood tall and extended the tennis ball high above their head. On the drop of the tennis ball, the players had to perform a pound dribble move (in-&-out, between the legs, etc.) while getting their shoulders lower than the bounce of the tennis ball, ultimately catching the tennis ball right before it touches the ground.

Here are some notes from Ganon's camp/clinic:

- 4 Ways to Finish Off Two Feet: 1) Jump Stop, 2) 1-2 Step, 3) Step Back, 4) LeBron Drag Step

- Get to the midline on penetration: More fouls called, Better chance of getting offensive rebound, Higher shooting percentage.

- When attacking in the paint, it's a high jump not a long jump. Up not out!

- It's a shoulders game. When attacking off the dribble, you must get your shoulders at or below the level of the defender.

- Player Ready = 10 fingers to the sky.

- Shooting teaching point: Hand to the sky, the ball will go high.

- Shooting teaching point: Freeze your followthrough!

- "The only way to change your life is to change your work ethic."

- Kill Boxes
Kobe Bryant calls the highlighted areas "Kill Boxes" because if he gets to any of these boxes, he's going to kill the defense.

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