Wednesday, November 3, 2010

John Wooden - Essential Traits and Abilities of a Coach

From the 1975 Medalist Notebook:

Essential Traits and Abilities For the Coach

1. Industriousness. Work as hard as the players.
2. Enthusiasm. Must be from the heart.
3. Sympathy. Must have feeling for youngsters and must be very considerate of their needs and feelings.
4. Judgment. Use common sense and discretion. Don't be emotional.
5. Self-control. Keep your poise.
6. Earnestness. Must be sincere and honest in every phase of your work.
7. Patience. Don't expect too much, too soon.
8. Attentiveness to Detail. Perfection of details can be difference between success and failure.
9. Impartiality. Give each player treatment he earns and deserves.
10. Integrity. A coach who is not sound and honest won't last long.

1. Affability. Must be friendly and cordial.
2. Appearance. Be clean and neat.
3. Voice. Speak clearly and firmly in order to hold attention.
4. Adaptability. Be flexible and able to adjust to the occasion.
5. Cooperativeness. Be a good co-worker with all.
6. Forcefulness. Be firm, but not "Bullheaded".
7. Accuracy. In judgment, technique, reactions, and choices.
8. Alertness. To weak and strong spots of your team and of the opponents.
9. Reliability. Be dependable.
10. Optimistic Disposition. Always think positively.
11. Resourcefulness. Use each individual as he is best suited.
12. Vision. Provide your team with a realistic incentive, a picture of the possible.

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